download Antivirus Sniper for Mac

“Your Safety is our priority”

Key Features

ANTIVIRUS SNIPER is a Triple Threat Killer

Detects and Crushes Malware

Prevents Spyware and Trojan Threats

Blocks and Keeps Mac safe

Malicious websites Threats are kept at bay.

Data is Secure

No Intrusion, No Phishing and No Cryptoviral Ransomware attack

Proactive virus detection technology and auto detection system briskly scans and removes every kind of virus from your Mac.

To already Infected Mac, ANTIVIRUS SNIPER cures and heals by removing hidden and infectious spyware, malware and Trojans.

Your Mac will be safe, Due to:

  • Complete Scan, Custom Scan, Scheduled Scan
  • Malware Detection in Mac and Removable Drives
  • Silent and Hidden Protection from all threats
  • Swift Reporting and threat alert system
  • Security Updates and Reports

All malicious and hazardous websites are blocked by ANTIVIRUS SNIPER. It stops unsafe downloading and browsing. So, there will be no virus attack from internet and your Mac’s security can never be challenged.

Through unsecure networks hackers steal your sensitive data. So, by using ANTIVIRUS SNIPER your PERSONAL DATA will be MORE SECURE than ever. ANTIVIRUS SNIPER provides comprehensive protection to your Mac.